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    Default Newbie cant find Cheetah

    Where can I purchase a (Cheetah?) wireless install kit for my new M-45 Blinder along with the Cheetah GPS mirror?

    I am new to this sorta stuff and am working on making my new Viper a bit more stealth from LEO.

    In general, I have an STI Driver and the M-45 Blinder and what i want to do is have everything wireless (if possible) and have the Cheetah GPS mirror do the displays of any/all alerts.

    Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated...


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    I just sent you a PM.
    Sorry to everyone for my not being around as much as usual.
    i am finishing a move (130 miles away) so i'm trying to play "catch up" now that i'm back online.

    Radarbusters will be carrying these products shortly, and i also have them in stock for those interested, so you can PM me, or email me:

    i'll also be working on getting the website updated too.

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    You need a Cheetah GPSmirror, a Cheetah Laser Jammer Interface(Blinder) for the GPSmirror and a Cheetah Radar Detector Interface (STi)for the GPSmirror - if you want to use the mirror to suppress the false alerts on your STi.


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    Thanks to both of you. I have ordered the equipment needed and will post back once it is in...

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    Default With this gear...

    With this gear, "a splendid time is guaranteed for all." (to quote the Beetles).



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