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    Default Laser Shield question

    Ok, so i received my laser shield today and put it on my truck, however the way my license plate fits in and the laser shield over it, it seems to be a little convex, just a little witty bit, is this ok? Also how tight must it be against the license plate? Seems kinda clear but it really reduces laser range a ton?

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    i have my cover right against my plate and i would assume thats how others have it rougher side out

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyVOLVOrob
    i have my cover right against my plate and i would assume thats how others have it rougher side out
    same here

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    To make my Laser Shield less inconspicuous I wedge some extra material behind my license plate so that there was a tight fit. It mae the numbers a little bit easier to read from a distance. I did put the rough side out though. Since installation I have been have had highway patrol officers and local police right behind me and have yet to pulled over for having the cover or even the laser jammers on the back of the car.



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