I was experimenting with my Garmin Nuvi 350 and I put in a convenience store nearby and headed out.

As I approached the store going north, it announced the store as being on the left when in actuality it was on the right.

So I went further north, turned around and headed south knowing the store would be on the left. Directly in front of the store, it showed on the screen that I still had .8 miles to go so I continued on and about .8 of a mile past the store it announced that I had arrived and the store was on the right. Actually it was on the left.

I live in southeast AZ and I put in a the point of interest- El Paso convention center and it said the distance was 187 miles. I am relatively sure El Paso Texas is more than 187 miles from here.

I put in a friends address who lives in Tucson ( a good 3 hour drive from here) and The GPS calculated the distance to be 122.7 miles.

Out of calibration?- if there is such a thing?