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    :?: Just received my new NavAlert, plugged it in and drove north on 44th Street in Paradise Valley, AZ. Came to a camera at the intersection at 44th Street and McDonald Drive, unit notified me of the camera and the 40 mph PSL at that intersection, continued north about a 1/2 mile to the next camera at the intersection of Tatum Blvd. and Lincoln Drive, no camera warning from the unit (there is a red light-speed light there), made a left turn at the light and traveled west on Lincoln Drive when the unit warned me of a camera ahead but now the camera was behind me and there was nothing but clear road ahead. Very interesting.

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    remember that in most of arizona the cameras will only alert in the directional of violation, as well new cameras are being installed which are not installed yet, if there is any error best to report it via website with exact issue.




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