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    Default Stealthy key fob

    If remotely mounting my Bel behind the grill of my car, can that be rigged with a kill switch from inside the car the way you recommend for the Laser Jammer? I'm thinking of this for driving into Saskatewan where RD's are illegal.

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    Yes, you can do this with our kit.

    There are three things you need to think about.

    1. Powering the detector
    When you bought the Radar Detector Interface for the mirror, it came with our little engine running sensor called the POWERSENSEnode. You just attach this directly to the battery terminals and it will sense when you start up your engine. It automatically powers up your detector 3 seconds after you start the car and automatically cuts the power when you stop the engine. (Hey Presto - you don't get flat batteries.)

    2. The Kill Switch
    You should buy our STEALTHnode switch and Keyfob. this allows you to wirelessly turn your detector on and off.

    3. Protecting your detector
    I'd recommend you find a suitable weatherproof container to protect the RX65 and mount it securely.

    The Radar Detector Interface will send your detector alerts wirelessly through the engine block to be played through the mirror.

    great for concealment and stealth

    bad for laser of you conceal the line of sight of the laser sensor. (folks should have a jammer for laser anyway :wink:



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