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    Default Real basic question

    I'm interested in a totally stealth RD and laser jammer set up. The Cheetah sounds like it could help, but I'm a little confused. Is the Cheetah the only visual interface that's visible in your car, basically - like, the RD and jammer are both hidden somewhere? Where would you mount your RD, then?


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    Let me see if i can explain this for you.

    Typical install for a jammer, is to mount the heads.

    from here you have traditional method:
    run cords to the firewall and drill or find an open hole, run the cords inside.
    get under the dash panel and pull in the cords, find a power connection to splice or tap into, find somewhere to mount the control box.
    Run the power switch and led.
    Put the dash together if you had to take things apart.

    Cheetah method:
    run cords to the battery. connect one end of the kit to the battery, and the other to the control box. plug in the heads, put the control box in the supplied waterproof box, and you're done.

    inside the vehicle you either plug in the wireless AUDIOnode receiver for the alerts. or you would use the GPS mirror to receive the alerts wirelessly.

    As for radar, that depends.
    you could do a windshield mount, maybe up behind or near the RVM.
    If you wanted to have all the alerts coming into one location, then the mirror would be the way to go. it'll give you much more info and options than the AUDIOnode.
    you could then run the detector dark.
    another option is getting a waterproof enclosure and mounting it up front in the grill area.
    If you need or want a "stealth" detector, look into the STI.

    The short answer, is Cheetah has the kits to do all this for you, it just depends on your wants or needs.
    it just depends on what would be best for your needs. it may be all, part or none of the above.
    hope this helps.



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