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    Default Does anyone have the GPS mirror in use with the V1?

    I am thinking baout getting the cheetah GPS mirror for use with my V1 but i have yet to see any videos or real reviews of that setup. I would also be attachign my LPP to this mirror. Also what happens to the display and volume of the V1 when it alerts. Are there arrows in the mirror or do i stil hve to look at the V1 for that?


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    No arrows in the mirror.
    you'd still have to look at the V1.

    i should point out that at this time, V1 interface is working well, HOWEVER, it does not work with the remote display or remote audio unit , yet anyway.

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    I have a V1/mirror setup and it works great. I have my V1 in little L mode, muted at 4 leds, and the mirror set to alert over 35 mph. So in a parking lot I only hear the muted tones of the V1's K band alert, but on the road above 35 mph, and K band alert comes across the mirror at full volume. I have to mention again the Speedcheetah's customer service has to be the best in the industry, hands down. All the features perform as advertised. The only issue is that it doesnt work with the remote display yet.



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