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    Default Another simple question?

    I'm sure I'm looking too deep into this but.... Do I need the "laser jammer interface for gps mirror w/ keyfob. OR...

    Can I just use the Stealth node remote control switch which has two keyfobs. This is used in conjunction with the Wireless fitting kit for the Blinder system.

    Of course I have the GPS mirror already.

    Will the alerts show up on the mirror with the wireless system and can I turn the blinder off with the stealthnode remote control switch.

    Thanks so much!

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    If you have the mirror already, then you only need the LJI (Laser Jammer Interface) with the STEALTHnode remote.
    this will let you do the wireless install, and get the alerts through the mirror.
    Plus with the STEALTHnode you can remotely turn the jammer on and off.

    The WFK (Wireless Fitting Kit) is the same kit as the LJI, BUT it also comes with the mini AUDIOnode wireless receiver, so if someone doesn't have a mirror, they can still get audible and visual alerts from the jammer.

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    Plus the laser jammer interface is cheaper than the full wireless fitting kit.



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