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    Default Cheetah Trinity speed-cam database

    I have a question for Cheetah reps.

    On SpeedCheetah website,I couldn't find any specific or more detailed info about speed-camera POI's.
    I am looking for something like this:
    I don't really need so specific info,like in this link,but I would like to know the total noumber of speed-cam POI's per country.
    Without that info,I cannot compare Trinity database to other speed-cam databases.

    Point is,before I buy GPS Mirror I need to know how good is Trinity speed-camera database.
    I do not intend to use GPS Mirror together with GarminGPS,as a backup,if Trinity database is not good enough.
    Hope you can help me

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    Default Re: Cheetah Trinity speed-cam database

    Quote Originally Posted by MetalFlame
    I am looking for something like this:
    ALL those locations are included



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