Saw this in a local area paper. Speed cameras are expanding.

Photo Radar -- Coming Soon
To A Highway Near You
KINGMAN, AZ - The use of speed limit photo enforcement -- known as photo radar -- is being implemented by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, who says it's expanding the technology to state highways in Mohave County.
DPS has scheduled a press conference tomorrow in Kingman to demonstrate the technology, with the department saying that mobile photo radar vans will be employed immediately following the unveiling.
DPS began using roadside vans in the Phoenix area in November and also on Interstate 10 in Maricopa and Pinal counties.
The agency said the vans aren't intended to replace law enforcement officers, but are simply a tool to increase public safety. Police also say the practice reduces accidents caused by speeders.
A contract with Redflex Traffic Systems of Scottsdale has been issued by the state, which provides for two vans for two years.