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    Default Laser shield question and other stuff

    Hello all, first post of hopefully many to come. 8)

    1. I see this says "Photo Radar" - will that work to block those cameras too, or just laser?
    2. On the topic of those cameras that get your plates (Ezpass here in NY has em), would that be illegal to block EzPass' thing from reading my plate when it takes a picture?

    I've learned a lot here lurking the forums for the past month. By the end of the summer, I'm planning on buying a Passport X50 8500, Veil and maybe that license plate thing I posted in the link above. I'll have to wait on getting the M-20 or M-40 for now... too much to buy all at once.

    I have a Whistler 1744 right now (had it since last year). It'll pick up the Ka leakage or whatever from a Trooper if he has his gun on and drives by, but sometimes barely. I usually see him the same time it beeps. Will the X50 pick up this leakage or whatever it is sooner? I don't get the leakage if he's using laser.

    For local driving (local police or Sheriff's dept.), the leakage happens usually with K band, yet if I actually get shot, it's sometimes with Ka band. Not sure how that goes.

    I'm thinking if I should get a V1 instead. I just don't know! LOL I read so many reviews and can't decide. Troopers use laser like crazy on the Thruway and anywhere they are, but I do a lot of local driving too, and the superior radar of the X50 would be nice too.

    I do a lot of driving, but I've only seen one local cop and two state Troopers where my detector either went off or I got pulled over. I've seen more Troopers in the middle or side of the road (stopped), but they were either sleeping or shooting me with laser and my detector didn't pick it up. Plenty of times when a cop would drive by or be behind/infront of me.

    Shot with radar once locally, didn't see the cop for about 10 seconds since they were shooting everyone they saw or something. Detector goes up to 9 in strength that I have. It was at 3 then stopped. Went to 2 and then stopped. Went to 7 then stopped. Saw the cops, went to 9 and stayed there for awhile until I went by. Two cop cars shooting both directions.

    Second time, I'm lost, tired, didn't have my speeding goggles (glasses) and on a road that was 65 but went down to 55. 8/10 of a mile later, Trooper was in the middle and I wasn't paying attention. I went around a turn in the road (couldn't see the other end of it) and I was doing 80. He was right there and nailed me with laser and my detector didn't go off. He pulled me over and let me off with just a no seat belt ticket (even though I was wearing it). Pretty nice of him. Ironically, two seconds before I saw him (around a corner), my detector BEEPED an X band alert. I ignored it, but it WAS NOT FROM HIM. I "re-created" that day the next day, with no cops anywhere around, and the same spot beeped an X band alert. Just a coincidence.

    Third time, on the Thruway, it was raining a bit and at night. I picked up a 3/9 Ka band strength (his gun's leakage) and then a second later, it went to 9/9 since I was in the left lane blowing by cars. I was doing 75 in the 65, so he didn't bother me. Seemed like instant on. Instant on doesn't seem to work that great for them, since I always pick up some leakage. Is it leakage or what? I can be in the right lane and a Trooper flys by me doing 100MPH and my detector still beeps without him shooting anything. Seems like some kind of leakage to me. Helps with talking on the cell phone at least. ;-)

    EDIT: Oh, the other day, I saw a little box on the side of the road that tells me my speed. It was shooting me with Ka band radar. I picked it up about a half mile away. Do those send you tickets in the mail if you speed past them? No cops were there, just a box with a speed limit sign and a numerical display of the speed I'm doing.

    EDIT2: I see cops are trained to aim laser at the front plate.
    1. Where are they trained to shoot radar?
    2. Where are they trained to shoot laser if that state doesn't have front plates?


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    Default Re: Laser shield question and other stuff

    Quote Originally Posted by computersoc
    EDIT2: I see cops are trained to aim laser at the front plate.
    1. Where are they trained to shoot radar?
    2. Where are they trained to shoot laser if that state doesn't have front plates?

    Laser Sheild is for blocking laser.

    Photo Stopper is for blocking flash photos.

    The X50 should be better on Ka band than the Whistler.

    You could always try a V1 for 30 days, and make your decision based on your own preference.

    What you are calling leakage sounds to me like instant on being used.

    All of the "Your Speed" signs I've seen did not have cameras in them for ticketing.

    Laser shots are at the headlight if there's no front tag.

    Radar is a wider beam that's aimed at the entire car, or lane.

    Welcome to the board,




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