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    Default Cheetah Wireless Detector Performance

    Good evening,

    I was trying to find some comparatives tests for looking the difference range detection and I was not able to fin any comparative test for the Cheetah Detector.
    What performance comparing to a V1 to a RX65, to A cobra ? nobody knows !

    Any help woould be appreciated !



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    What country are you in first of all? We'd need to know that first before we can advise whether you should even consider this product or not.

    The Sentinel radar detector is a K Band only detector that was designed to purely focus on the optimum performance for K band (ony radar used in UK and Ireland.) It was never designed for KA band performance, which is why we restrict where this product is sold to.

    The reasons you see no comparisons is that virtually all the comparisons are done in the USA, where the detector is not sold, so there is no reason for anyone to test it. The only performance tests I believe were recently done in Australia where I believe the statements we make about the performance were vindicated.

    If you're after laser protection - get a jammer.

    If you're in Europe and up against KA, get a different product. The Sentinel sacrified Ka to go for K band performance.

    If you're in Britain, Ireland or a K-band only country like Morocco (or even Greece I think) then the only detector that comes close in performance the V1, and that's comparing a V1 mounted high and ours mounted remotely. The advantages ours has is the discreet mounting and it's very easy to fit over any other remote system.

    The detection range of the Sentinel is superior to the RX65 and I won't comment on your other comparison

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    Default re

    Hello Ally

    thanks for your return I do nto expect so quickly.
    The country here is France.
    Our main problem here is that we have athermic windshield thenfore any remoted solution are welcome.
    Especially with the laser ... using a jammer humm to dangerous as there are so few here that not getting the speed would automaticly mke the police stoping you
    In order side, with the laser detection we all know that the result gives you small chance to detect the signal before you're caught

    But with a athermic windshield, better to have 1 chance than no one .... this is why we here, are looking for a remoted laser detector only, like the cheetah ....... would be better also to have ka and Ku band but if the laser performance are great that could be a good point for us too



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    Default re

    Hi Ally

    here what we can read in a famous Uk site about the Sentinel:
    really lucky to be here with you to have the correct info some are only selling the product with strange info :cry:


    Bands detected K, Ku, Ka, Laser
    Gatso range (facing away) 300m (up to 500m)
    Gatso range (facing towards) Up to 600m +
    Visual alert LED display
    Audio alert Beeps, rotary volume
    City Mode Yes
    Selectable radar bands Yes
    Warranty 1 year

    Bands detected K, Ku, Ka radar bands.
    X band is not used in the UK for speed detection and is ommitted to reduce the incidence of false alarms.
    K band and detection is always on, while Ka+Ku can be switched on and off together to optimise the detection capability.
    Gatso range Gives around 300m advance warning if approaching a Gatso camera from behind, depending on the location of the camera. Some cameras will register as far as 500m or more.
    Approaching a camera from the front, the signal is stronger, so there is up to 600m advance warning. Mobile GATSOs will generate similar warnings, while hand held devices will produce even greater warnings.

    The most advanced radar detector system in the world..

    Visual alert When a radar signal is detected, the corresponding LEDs will flash.

    Audio alert The audio tone will quicken as you approach the radar source. The volume can be easily adjusted to the preferred level using the rotary volume control, and can also be completely muted if required.
    There are different tones to represent the different types of speed trap equipment that can target your vehicle.

    City mode Incorporates a clever automatic muting facility, called City Mute. When activated, the unit will give 1 second of audible warning for each signal detected and then become silent, but the warning LEDs will continue to function as normal.

    Selectable bands K band detection will always remain active. This would be the optimal setting for the UK, but there are a few mobile cameras that use Ku band technology. Ka+Ku band detection can be switched on and off together to optimise the detection capability of The Cheetah Sentinel™ for use in the UK.
    Warranty Supplied with a 1 year 'repair or replace' warranty as standard.

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    It would be nice if the Cheetah worked on Ka in North America. I feel that remote units are the only way to go on bikes. Unfortunately, the only remote available for bikes here is the Whistler Cruisader and it is CRAP!
    Are there any plans to make a North American one?

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    Nope, sorry



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