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    I was curious if I used the mirror with a laser jammer, I know you need the Laser interface kit for the jammer, my Q is are they paired to each mirror like I know the Stealth Node is paired for each unit. Also does the mirroe have a volume control on it?

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    The GPSmirror has a rotary volume control that you can adjust quickly and easily. It's on the underside next to the buttons.

    The Laser Jammer Interface (LJI) is not paired to an individual mirror. Any LJIs will work with any Cheetah display, i.e. the GPSmirror, the Vizalert display or the little Audionode warning unit that you get as part of a Wireless Fitting Kit.

    The LJI includes a Stealthnode remote control switch as standard these days, so you can switch the jammer off wirelessly.

    If you have a GPSmirror and want to link a jammer to it you do not need to buy the full Wireless Fitting Kit. All you need is the LJI instead.

    If you're fitting a new jammer, you can use the LJI to still fit the jammer wirelessly so it's quick and easy and the mirror acts as the in-car warning device. You hear the jammer alerts via the mirror.

    Pictures of the mirror below will show the volume control and buttons



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