Obviously the main point of the GPSmirror is to give alerts for all the red light cameras and speed cameras that your RD misses, but I had a couple of callers today asking about hooking up radar detectors to the GPSmirror, why do it, how it works, etc so I thought it would be useful to explain a bit more about this feature.

If you have one of the compatible radar detectors, you can also purchase an accessory, called the Radar Detector Interface. This little interface box plugs into your radar detector and the radar alerts come through the mirror instead. There are three important reasons why you would want to do this:

1. False Alarm Suppression
You can program the GPSmirror to only give radar detector alerts above your chosen “Alert Speed” setting. When you’re driving below this speed setting, all radar alerts are suppressed. At lower speeds you don’t actually need to hear them anyway.

For example, the Valentine 1 is insanely chatty around town so you can set the mirror to only give its radar alerts over 35mph. (Main menu- press button 1 once and you hear “Audible Alert Speed” then you can change it to whatever speed you like - 30, 35, 40 etc.) Whenever you’re driving slower than the speed setting, say on surface street or in a mall car park where there are lots of “false” sources, you’ll be going slower than 35 so you don’t hear any of those annoying false alerts.

2. City Mute
The “City Mute” feature on an RD decreases the performance of the detector and you lose range. When you get the radar alerts through the mirror instead, the GPSmirror's City Mute feature (Button 4 on the mirror) instantly switches the mirror alerts between voice only alerts (City Mute ON) and the full voice alerts plus tones (City Mute OFF). This means you leave your detector on maximum range but use the mirror to quieten down the radar alerts in town, at the touch of a button.

When City Mute is ON, the GPSmirror gives a voice alert to identify the radar band being picked up by your detector, but the mirror's normal audio tones are muted for the duration of the alert. You hear a small chirp at the end of the alert to signify that you have moved out of range of the source.

3. Band selection
(not as important but still helpful). You can set the mirror to only give alerts for the bands that you want to hear.

Also, if your detector doesn't give voice alerts, the Mirror does it instead.

And finally, because the link between the RD and the mirror is wireless it allows you to get creative with stealthy instals of the RD. I've got one customer who hides his V1 on the back parcel shelf under a baseball cap and uses the mirror for it's alerts. Another one in Germany has his in the engine bay.

Hope this helps.