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    Default LPP Install - Wireless Link

    Just finished installing my LPP. Thanks to Cheetah it was actually easy. I apologize in advance if my question has already been answered.

    The wireless link on the display unit will blink every 20-30 seconds or so, briefly. Is this normal operation? Also, I know about the 4/8/constant settings & the 60 sec wait. However, is the only way to cut the LPP off manually through the keychain or is there another way? Third, will cheetah display any warning if one of the heads fails on startup?

    Thank you!


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    The blink every 20 seconds is normal. It's just the in-car warning unit checking that the LPP in the engine bay is still transmitting. Read the FAQ on this page to get the full answer on how the kits actually work.

    It does this continuously. When it doesn't get an answer from the engine for a couple of times it turns off the LED to let you know that the wireless link has been lost. This is also the reason why the light stays on for a little while after you actually kill the jammer with the keyfob. The killing of the jammer part is instant though.

    The only other way too kill the jammer is with the original LPP kill switch, which means running cables and defeats the whole point of a wireless set up.

    As regards fault reporting, the Cheetah Wireless Fitting Kit will tell you whatever the LPP is telling it. So if the LPP part indicates a fault, the Cheetah part will pass it on (continual alerting) It also alerts all the time if there is any problem with your cabling / connections, etc.

    If you want to reprogram the LPP you need to replace the Cheetah cable going to the Loom port on the LPP Interface box with the original LPP programming loom. Start the car (to power the jammer) and follow the LPP programming instructions. Ignore the LPP manual instructions because they are wrong. Correct instructions are here:

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    Thanks for the quick & educated reply.



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