The GPS mirror allows you to store 100 personal locations.

Storing a new location
Press button 1 three times to get into personal locations. Then press button 4 to save your location.

If you are using this to record speed trap locations, it is best not to record the exact location because, like other products, when you get the alert next time you are withing range of Lidar. The best advice is to store the location of the corner before the trap site or a spot that you know is out of range.

When you store a location it is allocated a database number, in sequence from position 0 to position 99. When you next drive to this location you get an alert and during this alert you will see that the allocated number comes up on the mirrror's display (0 99.) If you have an entry that you want to delete, remember this number.

Deleting existing locations
In the menu, navigate to the personal location number you want to delete then press and hold down button 4 until you hear the mirror announce "Location Deleted."

To navigate to the one you want to delete, press button 1 three times to get into personal locations, then press button 2 and 3 (up and down) to find the alert you want rid of.

There is no master delete that deletes all locations.[/u]