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    Default will there be a cord hanging down from the mirror?

    The power cord for the cheetah mirror, will that hang down and plug into my cig outlet or is it wireless? All the pictures I see have no cords coming out of the mirror, but then I see some where you plug one end into the mirror and the other end into the cig outlet and i dont want that. Dont want cords strewn across my car.

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    The cord (similar to the "flat tape" hardwire SmartCord for your Escort) included with the GPS-Mirror kit is VERY long, and is designed to be tucked into the headliner/A-pillar trip, then down into the dash, and finally across the kick-panel and into the center console area.

    The hardwire accessory kit will allow the entire setup to be "invisible."

    Watch allyoops's demo video, it'll show you exactly what to do.

    YouTube - GPSmirror demonstration from Cheetah

    Check time-stamp beginning 2:44

    Note that Al has it going around to the outer side of the A-pillar. A similar installation can be achieved using the inboard side of the A-pillar, too.


    With my car, I simply tapped power directly from the leads for my factory autodimming mirror, so that's an even shorter wire-run.

    With my wife's car, I actually trailed-out the hardwire lead, all the way to her center console, to tap power from the rear of the cigarette-lighter lead (as you'd do, say, with a radar-detector hardwire).

    In neither case can you see any extra wires, outside of the small lead up to the headliner from the mirror itself (which, if your car is configured like ours, with the stalk attached to the headliner, this, too, is "invisible," and you'll literally only have the little power plug on the mirror, along with the very, very short lead to your mirror stalk, visible - I'll try to post pictures of my setup, tonight).

    I'm a DIY tinkerer on my car, so this may not apply directly to you - I was able to complete the wiring on either of our vehicles in less than 20 minutes.

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    You can hardwire it to your fusebox and jsut run the wire up your column and along your headliner to the mirror. the only place it will show is coming out from the headliner into the mirror. Or you could just tap into the light above your mirror and power it from there. PM RacerX, he will hook you up. Its an excellent product.

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    Sorry I couldn't get this in any sooner..... ops: Hell of a weekend, the wifey got a killer migraine (the atmospheric pressure changes in our rapidly fluctuating spring weather here in NE-Ohio does a number on her), so I got kinda stuck at home.

    Anyway, here's a picture of my setup:

    You can see at the very top, near the center stalk where my interior RVM leads to the vehicle roof, my detector as well as mirror wiring.

    As you can also see, the ceramic sun-glare dots make it seem nearly invisible.

    I've also installed (currently temporarily) a visual block-off plate atop the mirror, as my RVM is so large and shaped such that it is not completely covered by the Cheetah clip-on, and the tension-arms are exposed. This, of course, is for aesthetics only.

    You can also see how much of my daughter you can see in her car seat, on the rear bench - as well as how much peripheral/blind-spot is covered by this wonderful safety device! :shock:

    Note that Anna's picture isn't clear in the mirror simply because I did not have the flash engaged, as that made the ceramic-dot/wiring area even LESS visible. Trust me when I say that this mirror is of the UTMOST optical clarity.

    Oh, and no, the detector isn't tilted down, that's just a photo-induced visual aberration. Also, note that the clock and compass display on the mirror is not clear - that's because my camera's sampling rate and the display's refresh rate caught each other. ops:



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