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    Default Vizalert - My first impression

    Used the Vizalert for the first time today........... overall I'm positive but I'm not 100% confident yet.

    I need to fiddle with placement of the Led pod in the helmet since I didnt feel the lites are bright enough to catch my attention immediately.

    Am I missing something but the only way to not run the batteries down in the helmet receiver is to remove them? If not it continually scans for the signal. Thats a bit of a pain in the ass and I'm concerned I will break the little clips if I do this every weekend.

    Overall I love riding with full earplugs and I'm hoping a new set of batteries will give me the confidence in the unit.

    Now if LI will only get off its ass and supply Cheetah with a unit.

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    It automatically shuts down after 10 minutes of no motion.

    Position the LED display as far round to the front as possible to begin with, so it's kind of in your forward vision. As you get used to the lights and get more confident, you can gradually move it round more to the side.

    By the way most people assume you have have the battery pack on the side, because that's how the pic shows it. (it's the only way of showing both parts in the one picture.) I prefer mine mounted vertically at the back of the helmet, right in the center. This is also best for wind resistance and discretion. :wink:


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    Thx I was thinking the same location although I am using it with the unit in my breast pocket



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