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    Default hardwiring GPS mirror to car

    Can the GPS mirror be hardwired to your car's electrical system??? If I was to drive in Canada, I don't want to have anything plugged into my cigarette lighter socket. Is this possible???

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    Yes, we sell a Direct Wire power cord.

    GPS detectors are perfectly legal in Canada, along with everywhere in the US.

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    Hardwiring is totally easy - it's very much akin to hardwiring a detector, and the Cheetah hardwire kit for the GPS mirror carries a hardwire cord that's long enough that it'll reach around anything but, say, a Hummer H1.

    The Cheetah hardwire also has a built-in inline fuse. A nice touch.

    It's also possible to run a *very* short wire length, by hardwiring to one's autodim/HomeLink or other "powered" rearview mirror, or even one's map/reading dome light(s).



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