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    Default Hardwire power cord for AUDIOnode inside the car

    I don't want to cut up the cig. plug power cord to do a hardwire for the AUDIOnode. I see accessory CH09-PC3501 on your website, but it's listed under a GPS mirror heading. It looks the same as the cig. power cord that came with my wireless fitting kit except designed for hardwire.

    Do the mirror and AUDIOnode from a wireless fitting kit use the same power supply cord(s)?

    Can I purchase one of these to use as a hardwire for the AUDIOnode of my wireless fitting kit that is inside the car. I have a wireless fitting kit for my Blinder.



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    yes, the hardwire cord works for both.

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    Default Direct AUDIOnode power cord

    Thanks for the quick reply and outstanding customer service. I just placed an order for a direct wire power cord.



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