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    Default Cheetah ramp-up?

    Does the mirror have ramp-up beeping for RDs that are hooked into it? If so, how good is the ramp up? I'm getting the mirror no matter what, but I do love the V1's ramp up and having to look at the V1's concealed display to determine signal strength takes my eyes off of the road unnecessarily.

    EDIT: Is there a button on the mirror to mute both voice and tone alerts? There are a few places by me where I need to mute because of falses but I'm driving 70mph so the FAST system won't really be practical.
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    The mirror can ramp up in 5 stages. It's basically pretty simple to follow - it will go from one beep per second, through 2,3 & 4 up to 5 beeps per second for maximum strength. You'll soon get the hang of it.

    One exception to this is the Bel STi-Driver which only gives a two stage audio ramp up from the detector itself so the GPS mirror can only relay two stages of alert.

    The V1 is actually unique as far as we're concerned and you'll find it works really well. It's the only one that we don't have to use the headphone socket for to take the audio alerts so, if you want to, you can still also hear the V1 audio at the same time as the GPSmirror alerts. Some people like to keep the V1 volume down real low. We interface with all the other detectors by plugging into their headphone socket so their audio is no longer heard.

    In terms of shutting your V1 false alarms off at high speeds like 70, you should use the direct access button 4. Pressing it once toggles the GPSmirror between our "City Mute ON" and "City Mute OFF." Watch how I use City Mute ON to mute out the radar speed board alert out when driving at 60mph in the training video below. It's really effective and it's quick to engage - just press a single button. I use it a lot these days and prefer drive with City Mute engaged most of the time now, but I'm not up against much radar these days.

    City Mute OFF is the full voice plus tones alert pattern but when you switch City Mute ON you only hear two things during an alert cycle from the detector. At the start you get a voice notification of the band being detected. Then you get a small chirp at the end of your detector's alert cycle when your detector stops detecting the source and finishes its alert. This virtually gives you exactly what you're asking for.

    The relevent part's of the training video are:

    Ramp-up section - starts at 8 min 50 sec

    Using City Mute to get rid of annoying falses at speed. - starts at 9 min 20 sec.

    YouTube - GPSmirror demonstration from Cheetah

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    Thanks for the info. I can't wait to get my hands on it. That city mute feature is really awesome. I should be ordering it in about 3 weeks, maybe 4. Thanks again.



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