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    Default Navalert policy change

    Due to feedback by customers Navalert has removed update fee charges.

    Customers will see refunds in 1-2 weeks for the update fees paid.

    We have canceled the project to expand the "possible mobile" locations and users should use the user position button to save known hotspots for possible mobiles.

    To avoid confusion we have removed the threads relating to Navalert having a update fee for updates.
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    You didn't have to remove the post as there was a lot of viable feedback relating to your units performance that Active/ potential buyer could see.

    In anycase.

    You comment to "I don't live on the forums"

    Yea neither do i that's why I asked you to either send a mass e-mail out to your registered navalert database, Post a POLL voting on this forum site and also a POLL voting on your navalert site.

    Your e-mail for which i had sent out 3 diff e-mails took 7+ days to get a response from you....So i don't know if your back on track responding to e-mails quickly or not but public forums might catch your attention as the post that was removed had over 850+ clicks

    **I don't know if your still working on your website or not but last time i checked you were able to click on the update link and it would start the download.....Maybe your still working on it.

    My only recommendation would be like i said in the other post that was removed having something like an update system that say

    5 RLC in city of (______) (State)
    2 SC in the city of (_____) (State)
    and so on

    For your firmware updates it would be nice to have the same system

    RLC voice alerts 1000FT
    Speed Camera beeping as you approach closer to location

    Stuff like that so we know what we are getting.

    Like i had stated before i don't mind paying the fee as long as i know what the heck it is i am paying for.
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    Default We bought a nice little unit with

    a database of fixed speed & red light cameras.

    I personally do not care about mobile units, because that is exactly what they are, mobile!!! They do not stay in one place for more then 2 hours at any time.

    Thank you for removing the update fees, good decision. NOW I will continue to sing the praises of Nav Alert. Just keep doing as you have been doing, updating info on new fixed units.

    My $.02, Speaker needs much more volume. LED display cannot easily be seen in Arizona Sun. User define button is inconveniently located, exactly where I grasp the unit to put it on it's mount. But maybe it's just me.

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    Default yes

    Thank you Navalert for doing away w/ an update charge. Having my windows shut, Navalert is loud enough. Now, having my windows open, Navalert needs to be a lot louder than it is presently. How abou a function to be able to change the brightness. At night, the Navalert is a little too bright. I have enjoyed my Navalert for the most part, it just needs a little peaking & tweaking, that's all.

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    i also will be again reccommending navalert to friends with the removal of the fees since mobiles change all the time i rather use the custom user points anyways so i can delete them after they are no longer in use.



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