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    Default Mirror alerting on overpasses

    I've had my Mirror now for almost 3 weeks. I think its a well thought out device that does exactly what its supposed to do. However i've had a few interesting observations w/ the mirror, none of them take away or are a negative, but its worth visiting.
    I live in Houston, the city of overpasses, and pretty much every major road has a highway or overpass above it. So I'm traveling down 59S towards Rosenburg and my mirror alerts 5 or 6 times during the 30 mile trip that there are "redlight camera ahead". I watch the closing distance each time and the chime sounds. Obviously there is No redlight camera on the highways, therefore, BELOW me on the street level there is a red light camera.

    My passenger stated a couple of times, since my garmin GPS has a altimeter function why doesn't the mirror--food for thought
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    just to verify, are the streets running parallel but below you, or perpendicular so that you are just crossing the intersection below?

    if you are just crossing them, we can remove the highway alerts, PM allyoops for more info.
    if the other way, not sure about any altimeter function, but PM him anyway.

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    Every sat nav I've ever used, Garmin, Tomtom and every GPS detector on the market all have the same issue I'm afraid.

    We have all the camera directions for Houston correct so the where the cameras are enforcing at 90 degrees to the freeway the mirror doesn't alert. However where its enforcing the actual exit of the frontage road, there's not much we can do about that.

    I can investigate the altimiter function and if it's sensitive enough to we can look to include that in future products but you're looking at least a year before any new featute like that can become available.

    However, what I would say is this. If such a feature eventually becomes available, one of the advantages of the GPSmirror is that new features can be downloaded into the product for free via the internet. Existing users will have noticed a few little extra features over the time they've owned them, e.g. ability to delete locations, Time clock on the display when you're driving under 5mph, etc.

    I see Houston City Council approved hundreds of new cameras the other week.



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