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    Question Any way to reset GPS mirror?

    I want to delete out the alerts I have set up (my personal ones). Any way I can reset that?

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    AFAIK there is no "master reset", but when it is alerting to a stored personal location, hold down button 4 for a few seconds and it will delete that location from memory.

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    Don's right, there is no master reset as such, but you can delete alerts individually one by one.

    As Don said, you can delete it during an alert by just pressing and holding button 4.

    You can also delete a personal location in another way, you don't have to be at the actual location. Each position you store has a unique number from 0 to 100. You'll see this number come up on the display during an alert. If you know the number(s), go into Personal Locations on the main menu and use button 2 (up) and button 3 (down) till you find the personal alert(s) you want to delete. The record number appears on the display. When you find the one you want to delete, press and hold button 4 until you hear "location deleted."

    There you go.

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    Perfect! Thanks guys!



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