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    Default Question About Cheetah Mirror Announcement

    Today, the mirror announced something that sounded like "blaxton blackbox ahead". Can somebody clarify what I was actually alerted to and what kind of device it is? I did not see any signs warning for red light cameras or the like.

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    "Accident Blackspot Ahead."

    Basically its a high risk accident area - historically it will have had a lot of car accidents there.

    We use it in three ways but in each case you should regard it as a heads up, to pay a little more attention to the stretch of road you're coming up to.

    1. As described above - just to warn you about some high risk accident zones.

    2. We sometimes use this as a warning when you are approaching a red light camera intersection in a non-enforced direction. (i.e. you're not going to get a ticket.) The logic is that if a red light camera is enforcing one direction, it's been put there because it can catch a lot of red light runners. So when you're coming at the intersection from another direction - you probably still want to know about it (to look out for red light runners coming through the other way.) We let you now by giving you two different alerts. "Red light camera ahead" for the enforced direction and "Accident blackspot ahead for the non enforced directions.)

    3. We also use them as markers in the database for future RLC installations - on the basis that cameras go in at bad intersections. For example, we had quite a few Accident Blackspots in Orlando, last week we switched the alerts in the database over to Red light cameras.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the explanation!



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