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    Default Use of Cheetah GPS Mirror in South Florida, Orlando

    So i'm thinking about getting the Cheetah GPS Mirror to supplement my V1 and Blinder M45. I've done some preliminary research and the decision comes down to whether there are enough red light/speed camera traps in South Florida to merit the expense. I also travel quite a bit to Orlando, Fl. to visit family. I haven't noticed many of these but then again, I ain't lookin' too hard either.....

    Cheetah person (allyoops) - is there any way I can find out how many there are in those respective locations? Is the Trinity database available to the public (my guess is "no")?. If not, no specifics needs as I know this information is probably proprietary. I'd just like to get a flavor of how many in the Miami/Orlando area. Are there plans in the area to "upgrade" to these?

    To the rest of the folks who may already have one - does this device really work as adverstised! It looks really slick!


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    Default Re: Use of Cheetah GPS Mirror in South Florida, Orlando

    I can personally guarantee that the product works exactly as advertised. Now some people may want to work slightly differently for their own personal preferences or situation, but I can assure you that the marketing is 100% BS Free.

    We don't disclose camera details for the reasons you gave but I can say that in comparison to some other states Florida has relatively few cameras right now (as of today - 26th August 2008.) However, that is all about to change in a big way within the next 6 months.

    Florida is about to become one of the most photo enforced states in the nation, because there is something akin to a "gold rush" going on there with cities all over the place signing contracts with Red-light Camera Vendors. Orlando already has the cameras intalled, working and issuing tickets. Cameras are going to take Florida by storm, and most folks won't know what hit them.

    Here are some of the FL cities that we monitor - some have red light cameras already, the rest will start to instal them within 3 to 6 months.



    Boca Raton





    Century Village

    Clay County


    Collier County

    Coral Gables

    Cutler Bay


    Delray Beach

    Daytona Beach



    East Naples


    Escambia County

    Florida City

    Fort Lauderdale

    Fort Pierce


    Gulf Breeze

    Haines City

    Hallandale Beach

    Hillsborough County




    Key Biscayne



    Manatee County



    Miami Beach

    Miami Gardens

    New Port

    North Miami

    North Miami Beach


    Orange County

    Ormond Beach

    Palm Bay

    Palm Beach

    Palm Beach Gardens

    Palm Coast

    Palm Springs

    Pembroke Pines



    Plant City

    Port Richey




    Sarasota Springs

    Satellite Beach


    South Venice

    Sunny Isles Beach



    Tarpon Springs

    Temple Terrace

    Trinity (Gotta love that name!!!)


    Venice Gardens


    Winter Haven

    Winter Springs


    Does that help?

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    Default Re: Use of Cheetah GPS Mirror in South Florida, Orlando

    You should also check out the VizAlert, our wireless helmet system that will let you use your V1 and Blinders more effectively on your motorcycle. It's the only helmet display that works with detectors and jammers.

    VizAlert product page

    The products you need are:
    1. The VizAlert RADAR package for your V1
    2. a Laser Jammer Interface for Blinder.

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    Default Re: Use of Cheetah GPS Mirror in South Florida, Orlando


    Thanks for your thorough response. I have a follow up question re the database that you use (trinity). I looked at some of the other laser trap-type databases and noticed that many entries for "speed traps" were largely cops with radar/laser guns and were inputted directly by users. I think this is garbage data and don't want the gps mirror going off because some dude happened to see a cop there a year before. My question is: Is your database strictly composed of fixed speed cameras and/or red light cameras? Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Use of Cheetah GPS Mirror in South Florida, Orlando

    I understand what you mean. On my 33 mile commute to work, I once used a competitor product which made a great fuss about alerting to speed trap sites. It was continuously alerting to different, overlapping alert zones for 26 of the 33 miles. After several "expletives deleted," at mile 28 it went spinning out the window.

    If you have nothing else, (no RD, no jammer) then OK, GPS based reminders for mobile trap sites are better than nothing. They are acceptable in Europe because most countries make radar detectors illegal. It may be attractive in Virginia but I can't really see "speed trap site" alerts catching on in a big way anywhere else in the US. Using GPS location to try to warn of moving targets like a police car, has a number of obvious limitations. We list them here:

    Understanding the technology: GPS-v-Mobile Traps

    The advice I always give is that you serious about this stuff, you have to pick the right tool for the job; a GPS detector for camera alerts and safety reminders, a radar detector and laser jammer for mobile traps. That's why we built the interfaces in the first place, to let everything work together as one. And it's also the reason why we believe you should choose our GPS detectors over anyone else's.

    About the Trinity Database, we do not use any of those public websites for data collection because we don't want to devalue the integrity or dilute the quality of the database. We don't add in any data unless it verified by one of our trusted spotters, who actually know what they are looking for (and talking about.)

    Plus you always have the option on Cheetah detectors to switch off the alerts for "Common Mobile Sites." When you have a detector and jammer like yours, we recommend you switch off the mobile alerts anyway.

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    Default Re: Use of Cheetah GPS Mirror in South Florida, Orlando

    It seems as though Cheetah has a solid database and a group of serious users. I'm convinced! I placed my order earlier today. By the way, how do I order the hard wire kit?



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