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    Thumbs up Cheetah GPSMirror impressive Sat acquisition times

    I recently purchased a Cheetah GPSMirror and I am quite impressed with it's satellite acquistion times. It's very speedy, and that's even when my vehicle is parked inside my garage.

    In comparison :

    a) my Escort 9500ix (and 9500i previously) cannot obtain a satellite signal until my vehicle clears (or exits) my garage, and even then, it's far slower.

    b) Garmin Nuvi 360 GPS unit, the GPSMirror still trumps it, by a large margin.

    I am also similarly impressed with the speed display and how quickly it refreshes the speed. There seems to be much more "lag" for lack of a better term with the speed display of the both the Escort 9500ix and the Garmin Nuvi 360.

    Kudos to the Cheetah designers!

    At this point, I would respectfully ask for a way to dim the display on the mirror itself. That would be a useful addition to a fine product.

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    Default Re: Cheetah GPSMirror impressive Sat acquisition times


    A dedicated speed camera detector is the right tool for the job. - it doesn't have to pull a double duty so it concentrates on doing what it's supposed to.

    I find we get GPS lock inside many more buildings that garmin or TomTom, even though we're using the same SiRF Star III Chipset. (I have no idea what the engineers do to achieve this - I'm just a sales guy, not a techie)



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