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    Default Anyone else notice this on C100?

    Seems like in colder weather it takes longer to lock onto the satellites. On a warm day (70 degrees) it locks on before I exit my driveway. On colder days (in 30s) I drive about a 1/2 mile before I get a lock.

    Also was wondering what happens to the speedo when you drive into Canada? Does it switch to kilometers per hour? Not that I ever plan on going there...just curious

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    Default Re: Anyone else notice this on C100?

    It's not really much to do with the weather. It's caused because GPS satellites are always on the move, so they change position between the times when you park your car and when you get back in it again in the morning.

    Sometimes it takes slightly longer to lock onto signals from enough of the satellites to let it calculate where you are. This is the same for all GPS devices, it's the way GPS technology works.

    In terms of Canada, you can manually switch the speedo from Miles per hour to Kilometres per hour on the menu system (under "UNITS.")



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