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    Default Interface for bel sti-r


    in germany we have problems with ka-band, the V1 distance is only 260m but the bel sti-r distance is 540m! but we have also k-band. i have a gps-mirror and a c100. the performance is very good, also the idea, but the problem is, when can i buy an interface for the bel sti-r. This is for germany the best detector not the bel sti driver, this one is bad in ka-band in germany! Please help us, that we can buy at by a german dealer!

    I have produced many videos with the gps-mirror connected with V1, bel sti driver an the antilaser G8 and G9, while the gps-mirror impressed me...

    Best regards radarroger01 germany

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    Default Re: Interface for bel sti-r

    I have not forgotten about you.

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    Default Re: Interface for bel sti-r

    I also want a bel sti-r inteface



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