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    I have a c100 that I got as a great Christmas gift. Is there anyway to check if the database has been updated without taking the unit inside and connecting it to the computer? IOt would be a nice feature if the software would let you see the most recent version so you would know if you needed an update.


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    yeah, there are a couple of ways.
    first, you can sign up for the free email newsletter which will let you know when updates are available, and/or when you first turn it on it shows a 4 digit number, yours is probably around 0811 or 0812.
    the latest one is 0813.

    you can go here:

    and it shows the latest version so you don't have to take it in and connect it.

    just go to and click the camera database link at the top (that's the link above) and you'll see the latest revision.
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    Great, that is exactly what I was looking for!




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