I was on the vanpool home today southbound on I17 towards I10. I noticed that the covered photo radar signs were uncovered on the first set of scameras. On the second set I saw a truck in process of removing the sign covers, then saw a technician behind the scamera causing the flash to go of. He was definitely calibrating it for use. Consider these cameras live, and with the 55 speed limit, they are going to get a lot of business from those who chose not to use a GPS detector. They are already in the latest Cheetah database.

PS: The speed limit for the cameras on the I10 through downtown has been raised to 65MPH and the Cheetah 814 DB update still lists them at 55MPH. Believe me, I go past the cameras at 67-68 or so (until I pass the wires in the road), and haven't gotten a ticket so they are 65.