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    Default GPSmirror with Radar detector + Laser jammer?

    How would one go about getting the GPSmirror to work simultaneously with the Laser Pro Park and the Valentine One?

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    Default Re: GPSmirror with Radar detector + Laser jammer?

    You buy a Cheetah Laser Jammer Interface (LJI) for the Laser Pro Park and a Cheetah Radar Detector Interface (RDI) for the Valentine 1.

    For the Laser Pro Park
    The Cheetah LJI will make this much easier to instal. It's wireless so you can keep the whole LPP jammer system in the engine bay so you avoid cable runs or hardwiring challenges. You get the jammer alerts wirelessly on the GPSmirror, the jammer automatically starts up when you start the car and you get a wireless keyfob as part of the LJI kit which you use to turn the jammer off when you need to.

    For the V1
    The Cheetah RDI simply plugs into the V1, and your V1 power cord plugs into the RDI. Whenever the V1 alerts to radar or laser, the GPSmirror gives a voice announcement of the band and gives tone alerts (5 stage ramp up). Most people then turn the V1 volume control right down low or off and use the GPSmirror to hear the radar alerts. The point of doing this is that the GPSmirror allows you to filter out low speed alerts (e.g. below 35mph, or whatever you set) through settings on the mirror. You can also swap the GPSmirror from voice + tone alerts to voice alerts only at the touch of a button which is another great way to shut the detector up when it's being too "chatty" in town.

    The one thing to watch out for is if you are using a V1 remote display. You need an extra little adapter from Cheetah to make the V1 remote display still work properly.

    Hope this helps.



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