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    Post My C100 & V1 RDI Set-Up Process

    Hello All,

    I am writing this post to help those curious about how the Cheetah C100 and the RDI (Radar Detector Interface) works. I spent a whopping 5 minutes installing the RDI and that was just battling with the cord and getting it completely hidden. WARNING!!! DETAILS AHEAD!!!

    Well first thing was I read the manual extremely carefully and made sure I understood what it was saying as it is somewhat overwhelming the first few pages. I got thrown off for a while looking for the interface card not realizing that it was already in the slot ready to go. When they say just plug and play they really mean it!

    I went with wiring option #2 as it was alot easier then #1. I had to make a hard decision and decided to lose my concealed display in order for the RDI to work properly. While this was a loss it was also a gain because I got to keep my remote audio unit for turning the V1 on and off versus reaching up and using the main unit and having to reset the volume all the time. I tested to see if the remote unit would sound and it did not so if you want the audio to work you will need the cheetah adapter for it as well as for the concealed display.

    I placed the RDI underneath the passenger seat and it works just fine in that location. Overall, it took maybe five minutes and that was just mainly hiding the wire. Connecting the appropriate cables in the appropriate slot took maybe 2 seconds if that (Specifics here at work you know!).

    When you turn on the C100 and then the V1 the C100 will sound a brief X band and Laser alert. A tip for avoiding this and from annoying passengers and yourself at every start-up is to power on the V1 FIRST then the C100 that way no "false" alerts are heard and everyone is happy.

    So far the biggest issue is getting used to the tones from the C100. At full alert (5 beeps a second) it sounds like half way to what the V1 would sound like. I haven't gotten any road testing yet as I just received the unit but I triggered my bushnell and it will take some getting used to for sure.

    I set the audible alert speed (Option 1 in the main menu on the C100) to 35 MPH. I feel this is high enough to have X band on in a shopping center while still being kept from annoyance. I put my gun right up to the V1 to trigger the KA alert and one thing that is kind of cool is you can really tell the difference between K and KA bands if there was no voice at all.

    Another thing is that KA will only sound if it is the strongest signal just like the V1 does so it helps to keep an eye on the V1 just in case.

    I will update with more about city mute but so far I like just hearing K band and no tones while still hearing KA AND tones when city mute is activated ( Voice and tones are heard regardless of this setting the same for laser).

    So far I am in love with my Cheetah set-up and I like how everything can now work together so the 9500ix just might be getting returned but no official word until my full review is posted around the 10th of this month.

    A BIG thanks to the Cheetah team ( Al & Don ) for putting a lot of thought and research into both these products. It offers users like myself options that were previously not available. To me it combines the maximum sensitivity of the V1 with the truelock of Escort without a real risk (there is some but microscopic at that). In other words you can have ALL bands (X and K especially) activated without having to run the risk off turning off an entire band while at the same time not being greatly annoyed by all the non-leo radar sources. This is great for sneaky LEO's that might use X or K in a state that thinks KA and laser are the only threat (knock on wood here).

    More to come later!


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    Default Re: My C100 & V1 RDI Set-Up Process

    Well I did some testing tonight and I found that when the V1 is detecting X and K and they are about mid strength I can see the display on the V1 flash the mode it is in repeatedly. Sometimes it is off and on and other times it is once every five seconds. Only does it when detecting radar.

    I switched to wiring option #1 and while there is no more flashing of the mode the V1 is in now the C100 has a delay when reporting. Let me clarify this with an example: When triggering my bushnell K band gun it will alert as soon as detected however when left running it pauses for a second and then continues alerting. With wiring option 1 I had just enough cable ( the RDI cable that came with the RDI) to hide the wireless RDI box inside the fuse box on the side of the drivers door.

    It does this with KA as well when I have K band turned off. Any reasons (Al or Don) as to why it would be having this pause in alerting? Is this just normal and nothing really is wrong? It seems no matter how I wire it either the V1 acts abnormal or the C100 does. What am I goofing up here? I could try having the wireless box say on the dash and not inside the fuse box which could be causing the issue but I don't like having a "thing" visible from the outside and in direct sunlight to boot.

    Any suggestions here? Anyone who has the V1 and the RDI with wiring option 1 care to share some install pointers?


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