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    Default NEW FEATURE: Radar Alert Muting

    When a radar detector alert is being relayed by the Cheetah GPS mirror or the Cheetah C100, you can now mute that alert by pressing button 3 (third one from the left).

    A quick press of button 3 during a radar alert will silence that radar alert.

    If your Cheetah detector is not doing this please update it's memory so that this feature can be flashed in at the same time as the camera download.

    Another free upgrade from Cheetah.

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    Default Re: NEW FEATURE: Radar Alert Muting

    Awesome, that is wicked Al thank you very much. Thats the kind of service that makes me happy that I purchased a product.

    One quick question on the muting. Does it just mute until that alert stops and then is unmutted again?

    As well, how does the mirror respond to multiple alerts at the same time on different bands?

    Thanks again Al
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