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    Default Need a little help!

    Ok I just bought a radio shack pro 94 scanner dual trunking cause some of the local PD's are going to a trunking system. I am very familiar with using a standard scanner but the trunking codes do have me a little lost! I have figured out that the dept's are using type II motorola radio's but have I have no idea how to enter the freq's in the scanner.

    When I go into and pull some of the freq's. ( like Seattle Pd) I get anywhere from a half dozen to a dozen freq's (example 851.4125) at the top of the page and then a long row of four and five digit #'s like 1680 60240 and so on. The four and five digit code's are not freq's what are they???

    Can anyone give me the basic's on entering trunking codes? I would be very greatful.


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    the five digit numbers are codes for the trunking. for example 41072 is Roswell PD dispatch here in GA. there are different codes for the trunked frequency. when your scanner picks up a frequency it should also show the ID code (the five digit number).

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    I checked the radio reference database and noticed that Seattle / King County has an analogue Motorola Type II SmartZone system in use.
    Since I don't know the geography of your location you need to look at the list of System Frequencies and determine which ones you need to program into it to monitor. Do NOT try to program all the frequency groups listed there, just the ones applicable to you. Each one is actually a separate smaller system that makes up the entire county's big system. If I were you, I would program in the frequencies for Site 001 "Seattle Simulcast" and see if it has all the talk groups you want to monitor on it.
    I am including a link to a much more user friendly Pro-94 user manual that explains how to program a Motorola Type II.
    If this does not help you enough let me know and I can talk you through it. Keep in mind that the Pro-94 will allow you to either program a system and listen to all the active talk groups on it, or you can individually program only the talk groups you want to hear.





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