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    Default Anyway to interface LI with the GPS mirror?

    I'm not looking for a wireless interface. My LI (QUAD) is allready installed and working. What I'm looking for is getting the GPS mirror speaker to work with Laser Interceptor module. I already have V1 with the interface installed to the GPS mirror.Thanks

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    Default Re: Anyway to interface LI with the GPS mirror?

    There is no way to do what you're asking. You can't hook them up so the GPSmirror speaker gives you the LI voice alerts.

    You can obviously retro-fit a Cheetah Laser Jammer Interface to your LI control box inside the car (just connect it up in-line with the power supply to the LI). But to get alerts on the Cheetah GPS mirror, you'd need to disable the LI voice alerts and you'd then get the GPS mirror's voice alerts instead, which you can program to say "Laser" or "Diffuser" plus Cheetah's alert tones.

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    Default Re: Anyway to interface LI with the GPS mirror?

    Simply turn the Volume down on the LI CPU!

    Cliff - LI-USA/LI-UK/LI-Canada



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