Well, for once in my life i'm going to make this short, and sweet since i'm in a ton of pain right now.

My local city police dept feel's the need to constantly leave the car's K band radar source on. It's so horrible they leave it on so constantly that they have to recharge the battery every night. The City's head of the department of public work's i've been told is having to charge the car's battery daily due to the gun being left on constantly all day long.

How do I put a stop to such nonsense? Often times there will be no Leo around? Just the car, with loced door's and a constant on K band source. So. Is there perhaps a way to overload the front end of the receiver? I'm very very curious of this? Is there a way to overload the front end of the receiver so it becomes the back side of the receiver? Because honestly i've had it. Reasoning with these people has gotten me nowhere.

Mr. Bonzzz? Is there perhaps a way to overload the Receiver in the gun? And cause damage to the transmitter and short out the circuit board? If so please point Sir Alpine- in the proper direction.

This enthusist has had enough of being droned to He&&.