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    Default No Update for Ten Days

    Usually Cheetah is good about frequently releasing updates, wonder what is up. I would think once a week would be minimum.

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    Default Re: No Update for Ten Days

    Although Cheetah seems to obtain updates for the European market from SCDB (a database updated every week), the updates from Cheetah come every 4-8 weeks (sorry, I cannot post any links so far, so please look for another thread "How often does Cheetah Update?" in the "Cheetah" Forum).

    I do not consider this as a problem as fixed cams do not tend to move or change too often .

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    Default Re: No Update for Ten Days

    Usually there are monthy updates with the cheetah which is plenty

    If mobile speed cameras are a worry I would recommend marking them in personal locations and informing the folks at cheetah of the camera so they can update there data base

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    Default Re: No Update for Ten Days

    There was a C50 database released a couple of days ago. Next one is due on Monday next week.



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