C50 arrived today. Took it for a quick spin and I have to say so far it is quite impressive. It is indeed a tiny unit compare to a RD. You can definitely find a place for it whether it is on the steering wheel column or in my case on the lower center console sitting on top of the ashtray cover.

If you are looking for a stand alone red light/speed camera detector, you ought to try this one. I've been driving with a Bel STi and I do get warnings on speed cameras (K band), but the C50 warns you much ahead of time. It speaks the PSL and it beeps and will continue to beep if you are above the PSL. Once you go below PSL, the beeping stops.

Another cool thing is it warned me when I was about to cross a high risk intersection. It is true. This intersection is prone to accidents...folks running red lights.

I think it also warned me of a potential speed trap area.

The C50 did not warn me when the speed camera was only on one side and I was driving on the opposite side. I guess you can call that "directional intelligence".

That's all for now. It looks like a good companion for my Bel STi!