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    I have a GPS mirror in my Lexus I purchased over a year ago. Is the Mirror Database the same as the Trinty database used in the new GPS locators? I just did my update to the newest available data set.

    I have never heard a single message from my GPS Mirror in Rochester, NY. Are there no cameras here?
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    There are no cameras in Rochester yet, but they will be coming later this year.

    The GPSmirror, and the C100, use the Trinity database. It has all the same locations as the Trinity 2.0 database, it's just that the new C50 has 65 different voice alerts that can describe the camera locations in much greater detail.

    For example, when the mirror tells you you are approaching a camera, the C50 can also tell you if that camera is on the freeway, or the exit ramp, on the frontage road or nearby on a city street.

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    that explains allot thanks



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