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    Default External Antenna for C50

    Unfortunately, I have to mount the C50 on the steering column and get erratic reception. The dash overhangs a bit and don't really have another good spot. My only choice is to use an external antenna. Can someone recommend a different GPS antenna that will work?

    I already tried an extra Sirius antenna I had laying around but it seems they use a proprietary connector. Radio Shacks site has nothing as well as I was trying to source it locally.
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    Default Re: External Antenna for C50

    Not sure if it will work, but at best buy they have different versions of external GPS antennas, for gps navigation systems, security alarms systems, and satellite radios, it would be in the mobile install department, just asked them and they can find an antenna that works for you.

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    Default Re: External Antenna for C50

    Cheetah make an external antenna for the C50.

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    Default Re: External Antenna for C50

    It's a proprietary antenna socket so you need to order the remote from Cheetah themselves.

    Just out of interest, what is the make and model of car?



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