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    Default Trapster personalized areas?

    I'll explain this the best I can. When downloading the poi's for Trapster is there any need to mark a personalized area with the circle? In other words, what is the difference from downloading the general poi's rather than making a designated area? I use a Tomtom if that helps a bit.
    I've posted a thread about my poi's not showing up and I'm thinking not making a designated area may be the cause of this.

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    Default Re: Trapster personalized areas?

    A personalized area will allow you to download only those POIs within the area. Now that they have started to expire POIs, the file is much smaller so just take the entire us & canada file.

    You won't get your POI in the file if it has expired.

    I also use the TomTom. Make sure you turn on the POI and set an alert town or sound file for it.




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