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    Exclamation new june 4 th file

    New file out
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    Default Re: new june 4 th file


    I think we are the few guys left that still own a navalert

    Good on ya.

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    Default Re: new june 4 th file

    I am still using my Navalert. I too was glad to see an update finally available as last one was december 30 2009. I did send Navalert an e-mail asking about an update, and they did answer me about the same time that this thread appeared.
    I hope Navalert will be more proactive (IMO) in keeping their units current with more frequent updates.
    Helpful hint - If you are running Norton Internet Security Suite 2010, you may have the same problem I did when I tried to download the update file. Norton does not like the Navalert download file; so I had to turn off two Computer Settings (Insight Protection and Sonar Protection) and one Web Setting (Download Intelligence) to allow the file to download.

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    I still have one also.

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    Default Re: new june 4 th file

    I just bought one about a week agao..
    this thing works fantastic....

    hope the updates keep coming...



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