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    Default Using C50 with Laptop

    Anyone have luck using a C50 with their laptop and mapping software?

    Cannot get Streets & Trips to recognize the C50 no matter what I try.

    Requests to Cheetah customer service have come up empty so far.

    If anyone has some suggestions, I would appreciate the help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Using C50 with Laptop

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    Smile Re: Using C50 with Laptop


    Thanks for pointing me there. Although there was no direct solution, I was able to find a program called Franson GpsGate.

    GPS splitter, simulator and logger. Serial port splitter. - Franson GpsGate

    This program allowed me to confirm the C50 was transmitting GPS data at the 115,200 baud rate even though Streets & Trips wants 4800 baud.

    I sent the input for the 115,200 baud rate and then set up a virtual com port on com port 9 to output the Cheetah's data since Street & Trips didn't like the COM4 configured by the Prolific software.

    This works, believe or not.

    Hopefully this information will help others.

    Love the C50 and now I can use it with the laptop as well.
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    Default Re: Using C50 with Laptop

    I have had a lot of problems updating my C50 w/ my laptop also. Too bad because it's a great RLC detector.




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