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    Default Automatic Video Recording

    Hi Everyone -

    I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on systems they've seen or have for video while driving. I'm looking for something that is relatively small and would automatically start up every time you start the car. This camera's sole purpose would be for evidence if an accident were to occur. It would not be used for posting videos online.... unless something really cool was captured of course.

    Right now, I have a full size Canon Vixia HG21 for countermeasure videos... I'm looking for something permanent and discrete that would kick in every time I turn the car on. Obviously this would have to be hard wired with some sort of internal hard drive. Maybe something that records video for a couple hours, then re-records over that?

    I don't need to see what I'm recording either... No external screen needed.

    Anyone have something like this installed?

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

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    Default Re: Automatic Video Recording

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    Default Re: Automatic Video Recording

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    Default Re: Automatic Video Recording

    I use the DV 400 car cam w/ GPS. It has some pretty cool features.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jem58 View Post
    I use the DV 400 car cam w/ GPS. It has some pretty cool features.
    That unit looks neat. Do you have any pictures of the install?

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    Default Re: Automatic Video Recording

    I have the Castillo Dash Cam VC-100. It's a little bulky in some respects as far as size. As far a performance I think its one hell of a DVR. It comes with a 8 meg compact flash card. You can hard wire it or use the lighter to power it.

    I bought it last Christmas for $229. I have a crap load of cameras from owning a PI company that I could have used. I wanted something that was made just for this type of application. There are a bunch of cheaper units I just wanted something that was reliable. THE VIDEO COPILOT DASH CAMERA/DVR - Home

    When the car is on its on. I let mine run 24/7. If that little red light is blinking its recording. It comes with a microphone that you can leave on or unplug if you don't want any audio recordings.

    The card stopped working after about 5 months. I sent the unit back to TX to the owner of the company. He sent the unit back about 3 days later with a new card.

    I have called him a few times with questions. Each time he has helped me. If I leave a message he is gets back to me within a few hours. (every single time)
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