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    Default Older Cheetah GPS Mirror Antenna Connection

    Hi Folks,

    I just picked up an older Gps Mirror that uses the combo cable instead of the nice usb port for data. This unit has not been able to lock onto any satellites despite being on for an hour. I have a newer gps mirror with usb port which has locked on without any issues. Im hoping attaching a gps antenna will do the trick. Since this unit did not come with any cables, would anyone happen to know the gps antenna connector that I would need. Cheetah sells one for $45 but obviously they are alot cheaper on ebay. By the looks of it, Im guessing that it is a mcx or mmcx connection. Can anyone confirm. Thanks

    EDIT: Nevermind. Found out it is a mmcx connection.
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    Default Re: Older Cheetah GPS Mirror Antenna Connection

    That mirror should have come with an antenna.
    it doesn't have an internal one like the usb port mirrors do, so you will need an antenna for it to work.



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