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    Default WFK for Laser Interceptor

    Hey all --- I recently got the LI quad and the Cheetah WFK --- I've followed the instructions, hooked up all the cables etc. but when I power the car up, I can't get the green wireless link light to establish.

    If I press the gold button on top (meant for another device?) the green light comes on for about 30 seconds and then goes off.

    I've checked and double checked my wirings to make sure they are all correct. I swapped the jumper position in the LI box to make sure the external speaker was selected. Have got the power out and buzzer in lines wired up correctly and have the rest of the chain set up properly and conencted to the battery.

    Can't get it to work after hours of checking, unhooking, rehooking etc. Would appreciate all help w/ this!! Is one of my devices faulty??

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    Quick update, folks (also posted in the Laser Interceptor forum, but figure I should clarify this thread!!):

    I believe I get "Dummy of the Year" Award ---- it took emails to the great reps at both LI and Cheetah to get to the bottom of this problem............guess what I left out of the wiring for the LI box? The switch!!!! LOL I completely overlooked the fact that the switch was needed for the install, even with the Cheetah Wireless Kit installed. WOW --- that was terrible 8-)

    So in case any of you fellow ECE grads out there think the rules have changed (like I did this week), you still do need a closed switch to complete a circuit. Open switch just "ain't gonna cut it"

    Thanks again to LI and Cheetah for helping me w/ this problem --- man it's going to take a few days to get over this embarrassment, LOL.

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    Default Re: WFK for Laser Interceptor

    Hi Saxman - happy that you've got everything sorted :-)

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    Default Re: WFK for Laser Interceptor

    Glad everything worked out for you.I know the frustration that you can go through.



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