Wasn't sure whether to post here or in motorcycles. I'll let the mods decided and move it where they think appropriate.

So, I had the viz alert hooked up to give me a visual for my M27's. I was using a hard wire to get audible alerts for the V1 radar, piped through my Scala Q2 and while it worked fine, I just didn't like the wire part. That's why I bought the Scala wireless headset in the first place.

I wound up buying the V1 Cheetah setup that allows me to get visual RADAR alerts and I must say, I like that a lot.

Flashes white for K, Green for Ka, Red for Laser. Also, lights flash faster as source gets closer. It's matched to the dots on the V1.

Easy to see in the daylight and doesn't blind you at night.

Easy to install. Got it from Don Norton, Cheetah dealer in AZ.