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    Hi guys,

    1 years an a half i bought a LPP with cheetah wireless kit. I've not been hit by a laser since then(hell, go figure) . But Since 3 weeks when i start the car there's only the middle red light on the audio node. Is my kit broken??


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    sounds like you lost the connection to the kit if the green light isn't on.

    you need to check to see if the kit is getting power under the hood.

    start the car and look for the LED on the kit and see if it is on.

    also, look for a red glow on one end of the Powersense node, it should be on when the car is running.

    If not, disconnect the Powersensenode, and connect the fuse connector to the Stealthnode and see if that works.

    Oh, check the fuse on the battery connector just in case it simply blew.



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