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    Default C50 and Sun Glare

    Has anyone else had a problem with sun glare on the C50's display? Have had my C50 for a couple of weeks and have found that when the front display is in the shade it can be easily seen. However, when the front display is in the sun, the glare on the front plastic display panel renders it unreadable. Doesn't matter where I place the C50 (i.e., on the dash, on the center console, on the steering column, etc.), if the sun hits the display, even indirectly, it is not viewable.

    I have a V1 that does not have that problem. I also have a C100 (for a couple of years) for my other car and do not have this glare problem. Both the V1 and the C100 have a different design for their front panels in that the front display panel is flat with the unit (and in particular the actual display), whilst the C50 front plastic covering is slightly curved and is not flat with the unit/actual display and allows light to enter from the top of the plactic cover. This can be seen on the Cheetah website by looking at the pictures of the C50 vs. the C100.

    If anyone else has noticed/experienced this situation, how have you solved it? In looking at the unit I have thought that if the front plastic piece was removed that the glare problem might be solved as the actual display would be set back inside the unit.

    Thanks in advance for you help.

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    Default Re: C50 and Sun Glare

    I have noticed that as well. I only have the issue at certain times of day, the light tint on my windows seems to help.

    Eventually I will get the windows tinted darker.



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